Executive Level Search

Specialists in finding high quality and passive candidates in the market in a record turnaround time.

Executive Level Search

Executive Level Search

We are an international executive recruitment firm assisting our clients with hiring top candidates in the market. We are a global search provider, meaning we can source talent all over the world, regardless of the industry sector, function or location. We approach all of our searches using a direct head-hunting model, we do not advertise our vacancies, we directly contact targeted candidates in accordance with a briefing call with the line manager.


We produce initial candidates in just one working week.


We operate remotely and have no geographic restrictions.

premium talent

We find the most qualified talent, including passive candidates, for our clients.


We conduct executive level searches on a no-fill, no-fee basis.


We guarantee our candidates for six months after their start date.

No incentive to waste your time

We offer a number of competitive advantages due to our faster and more effective operating model. Compared to the big players in our market, we offer a unique and modern approach to a traditional industry. We work on a success fee only basis, which means that unless our client hires their chosen candidate, we do not charge a fee. We have found that this aligns our objectives with our clients’ and has allowed us to create strong and successful partnerships with major household-name multinationals on a global scale.

By removing the retainer fee, we have no incentive to send candidates that would not accept offers at the end of a process we are managing. We essentially remove the possibility of wasting time for the hiring company, the candidates and our consultants.