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Why Accelerate?

We specialize in quick, efficient, targeted headhunting to find quality candidates without financial risk for our clients. Unless we successfully fill a position, we do not charge a fee. We work on executive-level searches on a global basis. We highly value long-term client relationships and focus on delivering a top-quality service for end-to-end recruitment processes.

Our company launched in early 2016 and we are proud to continue working with many of the same clients today. Our goal is to remove any element of stress from executive search for our clients and fill their talent needs whilst offering a flawless service.

Our Competitive Advantages

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We produce initial candidates in just one working week.

These candidates will be screened and interviewed by our expert team, and ready for an interview with our clients should they be of interest. This approach offers a number of advantages to both the client and the candidate. We don’t waste time; we want to find our clients strong, qualified talent that will be interested and motivated by the opportunity. By moving quickly, we are able to attract the best candidates because we facilitate direct contact with key decision makers with a lower time commitment. With this model, we are able to directly headhunt the best in the business, leaving us with satisfied talent and clients.


We operate on a completely remote, global basis and have no geographic restrictions.

We are able to simultaneously run searches locally, regionally, and globally. This means we can identify and source candidates currently working in relevant companies and with the necessary skills to do the job no matter where they are based. This talent might be living abroad and interested in moving home, or open to the adventure of relocating. If these are the kinds of candidates you are looking for, we can confirm this with the hiring manager in the initial call. We tailor our searches to your desired criteria.

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Our goal is to find the most qualified talent for our clients.

We do not rely on a database of candidates or advertise our vacancies; instead, we actively source passive talent in order to find our clients the best candidates. These candidates are successful in their current positions and are not actively looking for a new position. But we persuade them by offering unique and exciting career opportunities. Typically, the most attractive candidates in the market come from your direct competitor or target organization and have already demonstrated their value in a similar position. We have an extremely high response rate to initial contact (top 5% on LinkedIn) and have trained our consultants in candidate attraction to enhance our access to top-performers compared to other agencies. 


We operate on a contingency basis.

We do not charge a fee for our services unless we successfully place a candidate, which means no large upfront costs and absolutely no financial risk for our clients. Our objective is aligned with that of our clients: to get the best candidate to accept an offer in the most efficient manner. We believe you should only have to pay for a job well done and our “no-fill, no-fee” policy is a testament to our complete confidence in doing just that.

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European Headhunting Firms


We guarantee our candidates for six months after their start date.

If a candidate we place leaves their position within six months of their start date, we run a free replacement search to ensure a replacement is found as soon as possible. Luckily this situation is rare, but if it does occur, we are experienced and prepared to handle it. The guarantee period acts as a built-in insurance policy for your new hire. Industry standard for guarantees is 12 weeks but we are confident in our work and offer 26 weeks to our partners.